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You can also use it to check other disks, such as your D drive or an external hard drive. In this article, we’ll talk you through a few different ways to run chkdsk, including from File Explorer, using the Command Prompt, or from an installation disk. We’ll also cover how to check and repair your […]
When the system reaches the pause limit, you will need to install the latest patch available to make the option available again. Restart the computer, and then try to install updates. If the issue persists, contact HP Customer Support. Driver updates are usually available as optional updates. After the updates install, restart your computer when […]
At the top of the page select the correct webcam to test. If you have multiple webcams they will show up in the drop down. On Windows, click Start → Settings → Privacy. Check to make sure you’ve given Camera and Microphone access to your applications. If you don’t have a conventional webcam and either […]
The images you see on your computer monitor are made of tiny dots called pixels. At most common resolution settings, a screen displays more than 2 million pixels, and the computer has to decide what to do with each one in order to create an image. To do this, it needs a translator — something […]
With the software installed, you can easily update your GPU driver. You don’t need to know what graphics card you have or what driver it needs. Both pieces of software will automatically detect your system and recommend the most recent driver. On the next screen, expand theWindows 10 – 64-bit Editiondropdown to reveal the available […]
Windows will save the screenshot as a new PDF file in the acer Driver Updater Documents folder of your PC. A pop-up notification will also appear at the bottom-right corner of your PC. You’ll then need to paste it somewhere to have a copy of it to work with and save. That being said, a […]